23 Foil Nails For 2021

Thinking of a cool new nail trend to try in 2021? Then why not give foil nails a try.

How to do foil nails

To do foil nails, paint your nail as you normally would. That is apply the base coat and two coats of your gel polish.

Don’t let it dry, then peel off the back of the foil and apply it to the nail. Make sure to apply the foil whiles the nail is still sticky because once it dries, the foil won’t stick.

After applying the foil on the sticky nails, apply a top coat, and voila! its done. Below are some foil nail ideas for you.

Using foil nail flakes

You can also use foil nail flakes for your foil nails. To do this, apply your base coat and two coats of your gel polish. Don’t let it dry completely and then put the foil flakes on your nails using tweezers. Finally, apply your top coat and allow it to dry.

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foil nails 2021
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