How to celebrate your next wedding anniversary

Do you have a wedding anniversary coming up? Whether it’s a major milestone or marking your first year together, this achievement is worth honouring! Here are a few ways to celebrate your next wedding anniversary in style.

wedding anniversary

Reaffirm your commitment

Especially if you have been together for quite some time, an anniversary is a lovely opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to one another. 

Why not vocalise your appreciation for each other and your hopes for the future by renewing your vows? You could make this a big event with friends and family or keep it simple and intimate. 

If you prefer to show your affection through thoughtful gifts, you could invest in a special piece of jewellery that symbolises your feelings. Eternity rings and luxury watches are popular choices and can be engraved with a special message.  

Enjoy an indulgent meal

Have you been hankering to visit a particular posh restaurant or experience Michelin-star dining? A wedding anniversary is the perfect excuse to enjoy an indulgent meal together.

Treat yourself to a new outfit to make sure that you look and feel the part. Don’t forget to upgrade your underwear too: wearing a luxury bra in the right fit and fabric could boost your confidence and will leave you feeling extra expensive. 

Be aware that you will likely have to book well in advance to ensure entry to these exclusive establishments.

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Invest in a shared experience

Are you more of an adventurous pair searching for your next activity? Invest in a shared experience to mark the day in a memorable way.

Prioritise activities that you have always wanted to try but never found the time. This might look like an adrenaline-fuelled sky-diving adventure, a race around a Formula 1 track, a chilled-out wine-tasting event, or a cooking class. 

A spa experience is a favoured option for many couples. Typical packages range from a half-day visit to a full weekend itinerary and include private meals, relaxing treatments, and access to special wellness facilities.

You could even plan a weekend getaway or extended holiday if time and finances allow! Choose a destination that you are both desperate to visit, whether this be a heritage city, snow-capped mountains, or a blissful tropical beach. 

wedding anniversary

Prioritise time together

Anniversaries do not need to be expensive – the most important is just to prioritise time together. After all, as long as the celebration is personal to you it will be special. 

If your wedding anniversary falls in the summer, why not pack a picnic and head to a picturesque spot nearby for some quality one-on-one time together? In the winter, you could cook a delicious dinner together and settle down with your favourite film.


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