How to Make Your Honeymoon Extra Special

Your honeymoon is going to be the first chapter in your newlywed adventure – and for good reason. It’s a wonderful time for you and your partner to celebrate your love away from your everyday life, away from responsibilities, tasks, and stress. A time, where you can truly concentrate on each other, with no interruptions. And of course, one doesn’t need to embark on this journey, tradition and privilege are still something that a lot of newlyweds take advantage of if given the opportunity. Did you know that, whilst the origins are a bit fuzzy, it most likely has its seeds in the olden days, when marriage by capture was still a thing, and the groom simply hid the bride in a secret location? Either, until the robbed family gave up – or she got pregnant. Well! There is nothing of that sort nowadays when the reason for a marriage is rooted in love and not profit. But the tradition made its way into our age still. Today, it’s in the hopes of an unforgettable journey together. But to make it as special as can be, it’s essential to put some thought and planning into it – and we’ve got a few tips.


Choose a Unique Destination

The first step to making your honeymoon more than special is selecting a destination that is, well, equally extraordinary as your occasion is. It should resonate with both you and your partner – whether that’s a secluded beach, a romantic European city, a charming countryside, or an adventurous mountain escape. Important is, that both of your shared interests and dreams are reflected in it. Having a wonderful and unique location as your main stage is a fantastic foundation for a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience – like a honeymoon should be. Create a budget that you both are comfortable with and be realistic about financial limits – prioritise what matters to you most. But within that budget, go out and treat yourselves! You can book a private jet flight to take you to a destination that would otherwise be out of reach, maybe add another full week to the duration, or plan in activities, that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to do. Speaking of which…

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Personalize Your Trip

A successful honeymoon involves personalization. A lot of it! After all, it’s all about the two of you. Plan activities that hold a special meaning to both of you – whether that’s a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, a wine-tasting tour, or a hike to a breathtaking viewpoint. Planning all of this together is a fantastic idea, so you can look forward to things ahead together, but planning to surprise your partner throughout the trip with thoughtful gifts or gestures is equally rewarding. And those don’t have to be big; they could be as simple as a love letter in the morning, a surprise dinner or picnic, or a spa day. The honeymoon is nothing but a time for romance – so don’t shy away from expressing your love. Romantic candlelit dinners, stargazing on the beach? Small romantic gestures will already make your trip together truly special. Oftentimes, it’s not about how much you spend – but what moments you capture.


Nurturing Romance and Connections

Ah, speaking of it again – the honeymoon can be your epitome of romance after the most special day that is your wedding. Embrace it fully by really taking your time to plan intimate and romantic moments. Especially when being in the relationship for a long time, time for pure togetherness like this can become rare – so making an effort to not let it slip away will reward you greatly. Because what better opportunity than now, when you’re unplugged from the outside world, to savor the joy of being in each other’s company? Communicate and reflect on your journey as a couple to add even more depth to the bond you’ve been creating all this time together already, talk about your further expectations, desires – and maybe even potential conflicts before they arise. 

What you have is special – celebrate it. 


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