60+ Pretty Purple Nails

We’ve rounded up some pretty purple nails to inspire your next manicure.

purple nails

Beautiful butterfly and leaves nail design. Paint the nails with purple glitter polish and after it dries, use a nail brush and white nail polish to draw the butterflies and leaves.

purple nails

Here we have alternating purple glitter nails and plain purple nails.

Beautiful smiley nails

purple nails

Here we have 2 glitter nails and three yellow nails with purple flowers.

purple nails

Purple flowers nail design

Spider and web nail design

Purple and pink nail design

purple nails

Butterfly nail design

purple nails

Marble nails

purple nails

Beautiful nail design with a twist on french nails

purple nails

Purple nails with an accent floral nail

purple nails
purple nails

Flames nail design

long coffin nails

Plain purple nails

You can choose a plain purple nail design where you only use purple nail polish without accessorising the nails. Although it’s a simple nail design, it is still pretty.

Glitter nails

Ombre nails adorned with rhinestones.

Here we have ombre nails, marble nails, french tip nails and the fourth fingernail is accessorised with rhinestones.

Glitter and rhinestone nails

Crystals and rhinestones

the pinky and fourth finger are fully adorned with rhinestones. the ring fingernail has a marble disgn.

Here the nails are accessorised with rhinestones. The middle finger is painted with purple glitter. The ring finger has butterfly stickers.

Beautiful ombre nails adorned with rhinestones and glitter


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