40 Tropical Beach Nail Designs For Summer

With summer around the corner, it is time to get all your summer essentials ready. And if you are planning to go to the beach this summer, then don’t forget to save some cute beach nail design ideas. Even if you are not planning to go to the beach you can still do some of these nail designs, just to remind you of how much you love the beach.

Below are some beautiful tropical beach nail designs. I’m sure you will find one or two you love and even some more designs for your friends too.

Tropical beach nail designs

What’s your favorite thing about the beach? When trying to come up with a beach nail design idea, it is important to consider the things you love about the beach. These things can help you come up with an idea for your nail designs?

What do you love about the beach? Is it the sea, the waves, the palm trees, the flying birds, the sun you get to enjoy or the feel of the beach sand under your feet?

All of these things can be used as a nail design, so consider the ones you love and include them in your nails.

Tropical beach nail designs
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Tropical beach nail designs
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Beach nail color ideas

When it comes to beach nails, the most popular nail color is that people usually go for is blue and various shades of blue. These include navy blue, royal blue, electric blue, sky blue, baby blue, teal, and all other shades of blue. Other colors that can be used for a beach nail design are, green, white, red, orange, and even nude.

All these colors have something to do with the beach. The blue shades represent the sea and the sky. The greens are for the green plants and the tree branches, nude can represent the beach sand, white for the waves, and red and orange for warmth and the evening sky.

Tropical beach nail designs
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Including glitter polish will take your beach nail design to the next level. You can go for a glitter polish with tiny flecks or bigger ones depending on what you are in the mood for.

Seashell nails

If you are headed to the beach, then you must definitely include an accent seashell nail. Seashell nails add an elegant touch to your nail design. Is the accent you need to channel your love for mermaids and the sea.

Tropical beach nail designs
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Sea waves

With some blue and white nail polish, you can create some waves designs on your nails. You can also try an ombre nail effect to create the sea waves.

Fish scales

You can also include an accent nail design like fish scales. You can do this using a glitter nail polish as the base color and draw on the scales using a tiny nail brush.

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