Ideas To Grow Your Dental Practice

Has the last year been rather disappointing concerning growing your dental surgery?

Many people are not aware of the hard work that goes into managing a dental practice, and when it comes to ensuring that you manage to attract the influx of patients that you need to stay afloat, this can be even more challenging.

Most marketing is now done online, and if you are looking to expand and grow your dental practice, that is where you need to start.

So, with that in mind, what are some of the best tips and ideas to help you with your dental marketing?

Ideas To Grow Your Dental Practice
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5 ideas to grow your dental practice

Invest in a marketing team

If you are the head of your dental clinic, it is highly unlikely that your expertise lies in search engine optimisation, marketing and keyword searching.

The first thing you need to grow your dental practice is to hire a marketing team. They will be able to oversee the website for you and set up a social media page and manage it on your behalf as well.

Many marketing teams are also able to oversee the writing of blogs and the creation of new content for your dental website, so they are well worth talking to if you want to boost your SEO.

Use social media

Going back to social media, this is an important tool in the growth of your dental practice. While it may seem strange for dental surgery to have a social media page, it is surprisingly common, and for most dental surgeries, it is an effective marketing tool.

It can be used to attract new patients to your dental surgery, as well as maintain old ones and promote what is going on at your clinic. This will aim to increase the number of patients that you have and help you to expand.

Email marketing

Email marketing is not a new idea, but it is surprisingly effective. If somebody visits your dental surgery webpage and signs up for your email marketing, this is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase some marketing skills.

You can send an email that will encourage them to come back to your dental surgery to undertake their aesthetic, orthodontic or general dental needs. Paired with the use of artificial intelligence, this is an effective tool in a marketing strategy.

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It shouldn’t be surprising that the main content that is consumed online is videos. And yes, people are more likely to watch videos about dental surgeries and procedures than they are to read blog pieces.

Along with using social media, having a vlog set up for your dental surgery webpage can also be beneficial in attracting younger clientele to your practice to engage in dental treatments.


As mentioned earlier, AI, or artificial intelligence, is going to become a more important part of your marketing strategy, especially when it comes to email marketing and identifying what it is that patients are looking for on your website. This is crucial when it comes to sending out targeted emails that will encourage them to pursue the treatments they want from your dental team.


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