20+ Faux Locs Styles For 2021

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Have you tried these faux locs styles yet? If your answer is no, then please try and add them to your 2021 hairstyles because they are just so gorgeous.

Faux locs is a protective hairstyle that gives you the chance to rock dreadlocs but not permanently.

Where as dreadlocs are permanent and if you decide you dont want it anymore, you have to cut your hair, faux locs are not permanent and are easy to get rid off without having to lose your hair.

faux locs
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Ways to install faux locs

There are two ways to install faux locs. These include using the crochet faux locs which is already made and using kanekalon hair to manually braid the faux locs.

With both installation types the number of hair packs to use depends on your preference. That is, it depends on how long and how full you want your locs to be.

Do bear in mind that the more hair packs you use, the heavier your locs is going to feel.

Below are some faux locs styles you can do.

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faux locs
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faux locs
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