This classic makeup red lipstick is the perfect red lipstick for all skin tones. It is not too dark or too bright. It is the perfect red for people who aren’t big fans of red lipstick. You can wear this red lipstick with confidence. The colour is just gorgeous. I love the consistency as it glides on smoothly. It is not too matte, so it doesn’t dry your lips. Instead it has a bit of lustre finish. The best thing is if you wear this lipstick it feels like you have nothing on your lips.

The only downside to this lipstick is that, unlike the classic matte lipgloss, these ones come off in a few hours or after eating. So you have to reapply them. I was quite disappointed because, since it is kind of matte, I was hoping it would last a bit longer than it did.
But I love it and I’m sure I will get this in another shade.
What red lipstick are you loving at the moment? 
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