30+ Wondrous Winter Nail Design Ideas For 2020

Winter is the best time to upgrade your simple nail designs and add glitter and rhinestones to get your manicure in the festive season.

Although most people prefer dark nail designs, you can still make your dark winter nails stunning by adding some sparkle and shine to it.

Winter nail ideas

When it comes to winter nails you can pick out nail colours that scream winter. These nail colours include red, silver, green, grey, rustic rose, metallic lilac, blue and white. With these nail colours, you can never go wrong with your winter nails.

The next thing to think of is the nail design you want for winter. There are so many ideas for winter nails. You can have some winter nail arts on your nail design.

Some winter nail designs include festive nail designs for the Christmas holidays. These could be snowflakes, winter berries, santa inspired nail designs, candy canes, sweater nails or any other Christmas nail pattern you fancy.

Winter nail care tips

Whiles, it’s important to take good care of your nails all year round, winter nail care is even more important. This is because, during winter, the cold air can suck out the moisture in your skin and your nails too, and this can make your nails dry and brittle. So if you want healthy nails this winter, here’s what to do.

Protect your nails with nail polish. This is one of the best ways to take care of your nails in the winter. It is like wearing a protective hairstyle for your hair. You can paint your nails with a base coat, a top coat or a nail polish. Doing this means that your nails aren’t exposed to the cold winter air.

Moisturize your nails often and pay more attention to your cuticles. You can use a hand cream or cuticle oil to make sure your nails are moisturized at least thrice a day.

Don’t use your nails as a tool. You might be tempted to use your nails as a can opener or something similar but those practices aren’t healthy for your nails.

Avoid biting your nails or trying to push back or remove your cuticles. The cuticles protect your nails from infections and helps to make your nails strong.

Protect your nails from water when you can. This definitely doesn’t mean don’t wash your hands. As a matter of fact, regular hand washing is even advised because of the pandemic.

But avoid soaking your hands in water when you can. Leaving your hands in water for so long will cause your nails to soften because nails absorb water and that isn’t good for your nails.

This means you should wear gloves when doing the dishes or cleaning the floors or any other activity. You should also wear gloves often to protect your hands from the cold, especially when you are stepping out.

Also, to protect your nails this winter, you can simply wear some press-on nails or acrylic nails. This will prevent your natural nails from being exposed.

Below are some more winter nail designs for your press-ons or acrylics.

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