Top Tips For Stressed Out Single Moms

Every working person faces stress, but single mothers get more than their fair share. Raising children, holding down a full-time job, and dealing with the typical challenges of everyday life can send stress levels soaring. What’s a mother to do? Fortunately, there are plenty of tactics that deliver measurable results, but not all the methods work equally well in all situations.

Women who worry about a child’s ability to finance a college education can cosign on loans to help a daughter or son graduate without a mountain of debt.

Other strategies include very practical techniques, like investing in better home security systems for peace of mind, setting aside time for daily relaxation or meditation sessions, keeping a close eye on health, and focusing on work-life balance throughout their careers. Consider the following details if you are a single mom who could use a major dose of stress reduction.

Top Tips For Stressed Out Single Moms
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Invest in Home Security

The most basic peace of mind is related to being safe at home. For single women who have children, it makes great sense to invest in individual, portable security components.

What should you get? The exact combination of devices varies based on the size of the living space, its location, and your personal preferences.

Speak with a security consultant and find out about things like perimeter lighting that’s 100% motion-activated, smart locks, doorbell cameras, alarms, and rooftop surveillance cameras. Consider buying portable units. That way, you can take them with you if you decide to move. Keeping a watchdog adds another layer of security to your home.

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Consider Cosigning on a Child’s College Loan

If you’re worried about children having to face a substantial amount of debt as soon as they graduate from college, explore the possibilities of cosigning on a private student loan. While there are federal options available for almost everyone, those loans come with strict limits. Most college attendees need private loans to fill in the gap.

Unfortunately, young adults tend to have weak or nonexistent credit histories. That’s where parents can help out. However, it’s essential to learn as much as possible about the cosigning process and all its pros and cons before agreeing to append your signature to a child’s college loan application.

In the end, being a cosigner is a simple and direct way to assist your daughter or son with paying for a college education.

Maintain Life-Work Balance

Peace of mind and life-work balance go hand in hand. Leaving work issues at the office and enjoying a reasonable social life are the two main components of the goal.

In fact, balance leads to long-term peace of mind. The most sensible way to achieve both is to follow commonsense guidelines. Get enough sleep every night, consume a nutritious diet, exercise as much as your doctor recommends, and avoid risky activities.

Other ways to manage the work-life balancing act is to have friends outside of your job, avoid putting in excessive overtime, spend a few minutes every day in meditation or deep relaxation, join a recreational sports team, and don’t build a social life around social media relationships.


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