Well-Being over Wealth: Reevaluating your Winter Priorities

The end of the year is approaching fast, and it’ll only be a matter of weeks before the just-starting autumn will turn into winter season. With the calm and quietness, it brings, it’s for a lot of us a natural tie for reflection and consideration of our priorities, reminiscing over the year, and our goals for the next. And while financial success and security are two of the most prominent and essential wishes, it’s equally crucial to remember that well-being, happiness, and good health should still always be at the forefront of our lives. So, this winter, let’s take a moment to reevaluate ourselves and our focus, for a healthy and strong 2024. 


Health & Wellness

Winter, with its colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours, means for a lot of us the return of seasonal affective disorder – also known as the winter depression. And that means, it’s now more than ever essential to prioritise your health and wellness over anything else. This includes things like maintaining a balanced diet, staying physically active, taking care of your skin, and taking care of your mental health. If you struggle with this, consider engaging in indoor exercises, meditations, or wellness activities that should keep you feeling your best during the winter months. But a warm bath, reading a good book, or indulging in your favourite winter comfort foods can also be the direction your comfort of relaxation and self-care want to guide you. A balance out of all of these will help recharge you and maintain a positive mindset. 

Quality Time with Yourself and Loved Ones

Especially the holiday season is of course the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. But instead of lavish gifts or extravagant gatherings, focus on creating memorable moments instead. A cosy evening by the fireplace or a brisk winter walk with the people you want to surround yourself with can bring immeasurable joy and strengthen your bonds. Especially being out in nature remains a source of tranquillity and inspiration, so conquering the winter landscape with activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, or simply taking a moment to admire the beauty of a snow-covered, quiet world can profoundly impact your well-being. But it’s also a brilliant time for personal growth and self-improvement if you’re less of a people person and are more comfortable looking inward. Take the time to explore new hobbies, learn a new skill, or pursue creative endeavours. Engaging in activities that bring you joy and satisfaction contributes massively to a sense of fulfilment.


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Mindful Spending & Volunteering

And while yes, financial stability is incredibly important, it’s equally vital to avoid excessive or frivolous spending during the holidays – something that’s for some of us way easier said than done. You can embrace mindful spending by creating a budget and holding yourself accountable for sticking to it or preparing yourself way ahead of time with things like a savings fund – some even improve your credit score in the process. Prioritise gifts and experiences that hold sentimental value over extravagant or costly purchases. This reduces financial stress and helps you appreciate the true spirit of the season, far from consumerism. In winter, many people face increased challenges – including homelessness, food insecurity, and isolation. So, if you can, consider allocating time and resources to volunteer or support charitable organisations – after all, the act of giving back tremendously contributes to your happiness and reinforces the values of empathy and kindness.

But if you still find that winter brings a heavy emotional burden, consider seeking professional guidance. Seasonal affective disorder can affect many of us during the winter months, and speaking to a therapist or counsellor can provide valuable support.


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