Hey beauties,  hope you all had a lovely weekend.   Mine was really boring. Anyway,  I want to share with you all a haul post with some swatches today. 
These are some items I got from Pretty Iris Makeovers.


When I was going to the shop, the plan was to get maybelline liquid foundation. I either use mary kay foundation or mac foundation but the lady who did my bridal makeup used maybelline and I really liked it. So I thought of going to get myself one. But lately I’ve been having some acne breakout, so the lady at pretty iris makeovers suggested I use the MUD creme foundation which will give me a full coverage because the maybelline foundation is a bit lighter and won’t give me a full coverage.
So she tested different shades on my skin and I chose the one I liked which is in the shade GY2. Although, now I feel I should have chosen the one before this because this is a little bit lighter than I am. But I’ve found a way to make it work. I blend it with a mary kay foundation I have that is just a shade darker than I am and they give me just the colour I want.

The pressed powder is actually for my purse. I like to have a pressed powder in my bag all the time when I’m going out for touch up in the course of the day.

The first time I heard of this primer was from Carli Bybel, a youtuber and I’ve wanted to try it since. So when I got to the shop and I saw they had some in stock, I was like “I want that primer, I have to try it”. So I got one and it’s really good. It seals pores on my face and gives a smooth finish after makeup is applied.

I also got L.A Girl Pro.concealer in the shades orange and cool tan. The orange one is mainly for colour correcting. Like I said earlier, I had this acne break out on my face so I really needed a colour corrector for some dark spots on my face before applying my foundation. I also use it to correct the dark circle around my eyes. And orange colour correctors look amazing on dark skin tones, so if you are dark skinned and you want a colour corrector, then the orange one is what I’ll recommend for you.
The cool tan is for my eyebrows and highlighting my T zone and under eyes. I’m not a big fan of contouring because I never seem to get it right, so I didn’t get one to contour with. I always go with ‘strobing’ which is just highlighting without contouring.


This setting powder is just amazing. I mainly got it to bake my concealer and to highlight but when I got home, I realised I could even use it all over my face and it will still blend with my skin. Initially, because of the shade I thought it would make my face white if I used it all over but I tried it and it was just perfect. You just have to apply a little amount with your powder brush.
This is actually my first time hearing of this brand and using it but I would recommend it to anyone.

Aren’t they cute? I got this brush set also for my purse to be used for touch up on the go. I haven’t tried them yet but I’m sure they will work just fine.


This setting spray is the best I have tried. It holds your makeup in place for hours and you still look like you just applied your makeup. You can actually feel it hugging your face a few seconds after spraying it on. The only thing about it that might be a bother is that it minty but the good news is you only smell it for less than a minute and once it is dry, you don’t smell it again.
P.S: remember to use it before you use your mascara.


 Missy Lynn is a youtuber and she collaborated with bhcosmetics to bring out this palette. It has six matte eyshadows and two baked highlighters. The packaging is so cute and the eyeshadow colours will go well with any skin tone. I am surely going to do an in-depth review of this palette really soon. Below is the swatches of all the shades on the palette.


This is the only thing that I didn’t get from pretty iris makeovers. I saw it on my way home and I got it because I misplaced my first beyond beauty nude lipstick from this post.
I’ll review most of these products very soon, so don’t forget to pass by every now and then. 
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