I could talk about this ankara dress and how much I love it but what I really want to talk about today is “first impressions”.
You see when you meet someone for the very first time, and you tend to judge them by their  appearance or their behaviour? Yeah, if you ask me, I’ld say that isn’t fair. People aren’t usually what we think they are. Usually our first impressions about people are wrong. We find out after spending time with them that they are not what we assumed they were.
 Sometimes, we meet the person at their worst. Like may be they are having a bad day. And we just conclude that, that person is arrogant or rude when they are actually nice and sweet. Other times, it could be that the person is already in a good mood and something really good happened to them that day. So we meet them and they are nice to us and we assume that’s how they are. May be that isn’t them. May be they are actually rude and we just happened to meet them in a good mood.
First impressions may not really be who people actually are just how they are feeling at that particular time.

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