AI Transformations to Photos Using CapCut’s Online Editor

Making impressive transformations to photos using manual editors is almost an accomplishable task for many people. Even if you know how to use a manual online photo editor, you may not have the expertise to yield expert-level editing results. On the other hand, many people even don’t have any satisfactory photo editing skills to create photos that go viral. In this digital age, everyone wants to create content that brings more benefits and more profits to his way. Creating such winning photos is everyone’s dream that is hard to accomplish. However, it is no longer an accomplishable dream to create stunning or viral photos with CapCut’s online photo editor. This incredible online editor brings AI-based transformations to allow the creation of photos that go viral instantly. 

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Which AI Photo Transformations CapCut Online Editor Brings?

CapCut online photo editor brings a great number of AI customization functions through its intelligent tools for photos. For example, you can use this online interface to enhance your low-light images with one click. You can also use this editor’s color correction function to correct the poor or dull colors of your photos. By using CapCut’s photo colorizer, you can also add realistic colors to your black-and-white photos. The color match tool on CapCut’s online photo editor helps in generating and adding the right and perfectly matching color palettes to your photos. 

Along with these, this amazing online editor also allows you to remove or generate a new background for photos. You can also enjoy converting the style of your photo to a new or more trendy style. Here, you can also generate several trendy portraits out of your random photos and share them anywhere you want. To use all of these functions, you don’t need to have any professional photo editing skills. Instead, you can make these edits to your photos with just one click by using the editor’s AI-based algorithms that use machine learning technology.  

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Do AI Transformations Yield Results Closer to Reality?

Whenever it comes to making AI-based transformations to photos, the most common question that people ask is if these transformations look actual. So, the answer is yes. The AI-based transformations look even more natural and closer to reality than the ones you make manually. As these types of transformations use artificial intelligence, they rely on machine learning to generate the exact results without any room for error. In contrast, manual editing often involves human error or wrong choices such as choosing the wrong RBG ratio to correct a photo. 

No matter where you are using CapCut’s photo restoration, photo colorizer, image upscaler, or sticker maker, all of them guarantee 100% precise results. Therefore, feel free to use a few or many of these tools to transform your photos and enjoy adding the most professional and realistic touch to them. 

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How to Make AI Transformations Using CapCut Online Editor?

To make such transformations to your photos, you don’t need to stress yourself about not knowing how to use them. Instead, keep following the below simple steps one by one and end up with the most beautiful transformation like never before. 

  • Step 1: Login 

First of all, you need to create your free CapCut user account on To create your account, you don’t need any credit card or bank account information to add for any signup fee or subscription. Instead, you can create your account here with only the basic information such as date of birth, email ID, etc. Then, sign in to your account and go to the tools to open the desired online photo editor. 

  • Step 2: Upload

When you click on the online photo editor, it will open on your screen in a new tab. The first thing you will see will be a preview video. Make sure to view this video to get a better idea about how to use it. Then, use the upload button to upload any of your photos here. 

  • Step 3: Edit

Start editing your photos by clicking on the different tools on the left and right sides of the screen. To make any AI-based transformation such as a background change, you just need to click on the relevant tool. Besides these creative transformations, also use other tools such as filters, shapes, frames, text effects, photo effects, etc. 

  • Step 4: Download

Finally, download your photo to your device through the download button. It is available under the export section with other options to choose photo quality, size, format, etc. 

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You won’t find a better AI-based online editor than CapCut’s free online editor for editing photos. It doesn’t bring lots of creative tools to make impressive edits to your photos but is also fully cost-effective. Yes, you don’t need to pay anything to use this online editor but can enjoy making free and expert transformations to your photos. 


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