4 Tattoo Aftercare Tips You Should Know

Tattoo aftercare is as significant as choosing a talented artist and the best tattoo patterns. It is primarily important if you wish for your new ink to last for a long period and to prevent infection.

One vital thing to note is that it does not matter whether you got your tenth ink or the first inking; aftercare is a must. Here is a comprehensive overview of the best tattoo aftercare tips you should know.

4 Tattoo Aftercare Tips You Should Know
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1. Apply an all-natural aftercare ointment at least twice a day

An all-natural tattoo aftercare cream plays a crucial role in preventing your new ink from getting infected. It also eliminates the disadvantages of antibacterial creams, such as Aquaphor.

Most people have the misconception that Aquaphor is the best for tattoos. However, this popular product can suffocate your skin, prolonging the healing time. It can also damage your tattoo and cause it to fade fast. Therefore, avoid Aquaphor and consider using the best Aquaphor alternatives, like fragrant-free all-natural lotion or ink balm on your tattoo.

When applying all-natural aftercare creams or lotion, use them sparingly. If you smother your new ink with excess lotions or tattoo care creams, you risk increasing the healing time as more cream reduces skin breathability.

2. Wash the inked area daily

No matter your tattoo type, a daily clean is a must. This daily cleaning will help prevent bacterial infection. Make sure to use clean hands and warm water only to wash the inked skin at least once or twice a day. After washing the tattooed area with warm water, gently dry it and apply the all-natural aftercare tattoo ointment.

Note that hot water is not good for new ink. In most cases, your skin will be extremely sensitive when healing. If you run hot water over this newly-inked skin, you risk irritation. Your pores may also open, and any unsettled ink will run out.

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3. Do not peel the skin or pick the scabs

After getting a new tattoo, you must be extremely proactive with skin care. If you peel the newly inked skin, you can make the ink pull out. You also risk the newly inked skin having a scar. This scar may reduce the aesthetics of your ink. To avoid scabbing or peeling your skin, moisturize your tattoo with the all-natural aftercare cream.

4. Avoid contact with direct sunlight

Sunburn on a fresh tattoo can trigger peeling or blistering. Therefore, do not expose your newly tattooed skin to direct sunlight. A newly-inked skin is like an open injury with no protection. If this raw wound contacts direct sunlight, it may cause your tattoo to fade and your skin to crack. Therefore, if you are going out, wear sun-protective clothes. Ensure the clothes are not tight, and do not use sunblock until your wound heals.


Tattoo aftercare is very significant. It protects your newly inked skin from infections and ensures that your fresh ink lasts long. When caring for your tattoo, clean it twice daily with warm water and use your hands only. Be sure also to apply an all-natural aftercare cream after cleansing.


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