Open Marriage Experience: What Is It And Who Is It For?

Relationships have come a long way since the basic ‘boy meets girl’ or ‘boy meets boy’ scenarios that have tended to be the ‘norm’ for so long. The advent of digital dating has opened up a whole new dimension of matchmaking possibilities. There have always been singles keen to explore different routes, from open marriages to kinks, age-gap romance to casual hookups.

Nowadays, instead of struggling to find venues where you wouldn’t feel awkward broaching specific tastes with other singles, you can search for suitable partners so easily. Via your laptop or smart device. For example, if you fall within the category of a couple seeking partners outwith your relationship, going online can make it straightforward to connect with like-minded individuals.

Defining an open marriage in simple terms
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Defining an open marriage in simple terms

The clue is in the title. An open marriage is one where both partners have agreed: they are amenable to sleeping with others. This might sound as if it could erode trust within a couple, but provided both parties are in full agreement, extra-marital affairs can add spice to the main partnership.

The question then arises, just how open are these relationships? Modern dating has become a multi-faceted world, where people are increasingly empowered to try out a diverse array of new things. The more individuals are presented with radical alternatives, the greater their curiosity is likely to be sparked.

If you were specifically seeking a married women hookup, you might assume your online options would be limited. Not so. Actually, these platforms present options for getting acquainted with an entirely different segment of society. Modern dating is all about inclusivity, and no demographic should ever feel as if their tastes are less valid.

Why people may choose to open their marriage

Another question arising is what might prompt a couple to open their marriage to new experiences? A common reason is the fact that humans are all unique, and within a committed relationship, it might be that the partners have different libidos. This could put a strain on their partnership.

So, one solution would be the safety valve of introducing a third party on the strict understanding that this extra-marital get-together is solely a ‘one off’ scenario. It might not sound as if it’s the case, but trust is just as important within an open marriage. The people concerned should both appreciate what’s at stake and be okay with this. Jealousy should never be allowed to rear its ugly head!

Another factor could be that polyamory means there are never any secrets, therefore nobody skulks off to have an affair behind a partner’s back. On the contrary. The third-party encounters are open, occurring in plain sight. If one of both partners is polyamorous, everybody should be aware of their position within this unusual, but perfectly valid dynamic.

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Importance of clear ground rules and open communication

Open marriages are only successful because the parties involved are all in sync. If one person is less enthusiastic about sharing the love, then the whole structure is at risk. This is where ground rules need to be fleshed out as a priority.

There are no default structures to these, as every situation will be different. But the most crucial word of all is trust. You must implicitly trust the judgement of your partner, especially if you happen to find yourself in a situation where they’re going off with someone else. Know that they are not doing so through malice, and certainly not as a prelude to leaving you. Their behaviour is all part of the bigger picture.

Celebs who embraced open relationships

In a recent interview, singer Rizzo admitted that announcing her relationship with Myke Wright had been ‘a soft launch.’ The reason she didn’t want to stress their commitment was that she remained open. “Monogamy, to me, is a little claustrophobic.”

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter Willow is another celeb who has spoken about how antiquated she finds monogamy. A spokesperson for open marriages and polyamory? Watch this space, as this talented musician has a bright career in front of her.

Now you should have an excellent idea of everything involved with an open marriage. The key to success is being prepared to discuss every encounter beforehand, and to understand what your partner is willing (and also unwilling) to do.

The next step is getting ready for a fabulously exciting get-together. Treat this like you would any other date, approaching this from the default position of making a strong impression. So, try to look good but natural. Be courteous and civil at all times. But above all, relax and get into the mindset that you’re going to have lots of fun.


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