How And Why You Should Keep Your Feet Healthy

How And Why You Should Keep Your Feet Healthy
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The foot is a mirror of your health. Their condition is an important indicator of human health.

The feet are the foundation of the entire skeleton, on which the coordinated work of not only the musculoskeletal system (spine, joints, muscles, ligaments) depends, but also the internal organs, blood vessels and nerves.

Therefore, the condition of the feet is an important indicator of human health. Even in ancient times, people determined that the plantar surface contains many biologically active points that are associated with all systems of the human body.

Due to the incorrect position of the foot, the pressure on these points is uneven, which adversely affects the work of the relevant organs. In everyday life, many of us pay insufficient attention to our feet, not wanting to hear their signals for help.

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You might be surprised that such a small part of the body can be responsible for all organs. And not only for organs but for a common mind as well. And the point here is not only in the multitude of reflex points, which are located on the sole.

This fact also matters, but it is not the key one. If you take a look at the foot, you can see how complex the engineering is. And everything is important in it: the rise, the shape of the fingers, the absence of deformation, and even the length of the nails. 

Key points to help your feet stay healthy 
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Key points to help your feet stay healthy 

Choose the right shoes

It is necessary to choose not only shoes that you like based on their appearance, but also those that will be comfortable. Tight or, conversely, too wide shoes in the future will lead to the appearance of corns. This is not only unaesthetic, but also causes a lot of inconvenience and pain.

Also, inappropriate shoes can provoke an ingrown nail plate, worsen the condition of the vessels in varicose veins, and exacerbate the symptoms of flat feet.

When buying shoes, it is better to give preference to those models that match the shape of your foot. When trying on shoes or boots, move your toes. This movement should be carried out without restrictions, the fingers should not feel tight in the shoes.

In some cases, an individual approach is required in the selection of special orthopaedic insoles. An orthopaedic surgeon can help you with this.

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Control your sugar levels

An autoimmune disease such as diabetes mellitus is characterised by the presence of a diabetic foot, one of the symptoms of this disease. The disease causes a violation of the innervation of the lower extremities and, as a result, loss of sensitivity.

A person suffering from diabetes may simply not notice minor damage to the integrity of the skin on the feet, the presence of corns, and so on. These wounds can later lead to undesirable consequences and infection. The main problem is that small lesions and ulcers are difficult to heal, and deep tissue infections and necrotic lesions are also possible. 

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Personal hygiene

And, of course, you should take care of personal hygiene. Take a shower regularly, wash your feet thoroughly, and the space between your toes. Change your socks frequently. When choosing this piece of clothing, give preference to cotton fabrics. They provide micro-circulation of air and allow the foot to breathe by absorbing sweat, which can cause odour.

Compliance with personal hygiene measures allows you to monitor not only the cleanliness of your feet, but also their health, reducing the risk of inflammation and fungal infections of the nail plate.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that the condition of the knee joints, hips and good posture depend on the health of the feet. For example, flat feet cause disruption of the musculoskeletal system, redistribution of the load during walking, and the occurrence of scoliotic posture. And simple exercises for the feet, massage or self-massage will help relieve fatigue and strengthen the muscles of the legs.


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