This contour kit comes with a setting powder, a contouring powder and a highlighter.
It is very pigmented so just a little goes a long way. I use the bright powder to set my concealer and then I use the contour powder for contouring.
This is so easy to use. I didn’t like contouring because I never seemed to get it right especially when I use concealer darker than my skin tone so I did the strobing more. But I found out that all I needed was a powder to contour with. It is easy to apply and blend. It is glides on smoothly and feels soft on the face. Contouring with it is so easy because it is in a powder form. You just have to apply a little and work upwards with it.
Another thing is I sometimes use the contour powder and highlighter as eyeshadows and the staying power is good as it lasts all day till I’m ready to take off my makeup.
This classic makeup face contour kit is in the shade CM01. It also comes in other shades so you can get it in the shade that is best for your skin tone.
I love it and it’s a product I will recommend to anybody especially if you like contouring but never seem to get it right. This is the perfect product to define your face and give you that subtle natural contour look.

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