Ways to Make Money While Enjoying the Finer Things in Life

Defining exactly what the finer things in life are is no easy feat, as there is much variance in what different people would consider a “finer” thing. One person may consider an expensive bottle of wine paired with the perfect artisan cheese and fruit one of life’s finest offerings. Another may consider the ability to drink in the sight of an early morning sunrise slowly breaking day over a lake or mountains to be the finest thing in life.

Regardless of what you consider a finer thing in life, odds are, there’s some way you can make money while indulging in the finer things of your choosing. Whether you’re looking to start a business or career that will surround you with the finer things day in and out or want to indulge in a few finer things through a side hustle or part-time work, this list will fuel your imagination (and, hopefully, eventually fill your wallet too).

finer things


For those who enjoy wine, spending time in vineyards, and understanding the intricate nuances of flavor pairings, becoming a sommelier may be the job for you. It allows you to indulge in these lush activities while else earning a paycheck. You can share your passion and knowledge with patrons and restauranteurs who have a similar appreciation for the finer things in life.

Art Curator

Art has long been revered in high society for its beauty, ability to create meaningful work with symbolism, and the level of skill that goes into creating an art piece. As a curator, you can immerse yourself in the art world, developing exhibitions, researching works and artists, and creating collections. For those who consider art one of the finest things in life, this is an opportunity to explore your passion and earn an income.

Personal Shopper

Becoming a personal shopper gives you a ticket to surrounding yourself with designer brands and products ranging from fashion, home goods, and delicious foods to the latest tech. Admittedly, this won’t always be a glamourous job; you’ll have to start somewhere near the bottom, which means you won’t immediately open doors to designer stores. But with time and the right client portfolio, you could find yourself perusing showrooms and attending major fashion and product launch events, all on behalf of your clients while getting paid.


If your love for the finer things is tied to fashion and accessories, becoming a stylist may be the perfect fit. This line of work allows you to stay updated on all the latest trends and clothing lines, and it lets you enjoy the quality and luxury they offer in person. You can dress your clients to the nines and maybe even enjoy a few freebies in the process.

Product Tester 

Product testing allows you to dabble in your preferred interests while getting paid to use them. Many beauty, skincare, clothing, and tech brands seek out product testers, and it’s fairly easy to become one. Websites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars can help you connect with brands (perhaps ones you already love) that are looking for people to test their new products. All you have to do is provide the feedback they’re looking for, which can range from the experience of using the product to how it’s packaged. Not only will you get to use products from great brands, but you could also be making as much as $57 an hour doing so.

Professional Poker Player

Casinos are entrenched in the idea of luxury and glamour, and with the growth of online casinos, it’s easier than ever to try your hand (pun intended) at playing professionally and indulging in this glamorous world whenever you want. This means you can participate in lavish and stylish games with catchy tunes that create the luxurious, finer-things-in-life atmosphere from the comfort of your own home.

Food Blogger

For many, food isn’t just about sustaining life; it’s a way of life and an art form. If you want to capture and share your love for food, becoming a food blogger could be the perfect way to make money. With a food blog, you can make money reviewing all the top restaurants or even recording your progress in learning how to improve your cooking or baking prowess.

Affiliate Marketer

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are endless opportunities to earn money. It also presents a fantastic opportunity to indulge in the finer things, as a wide range of brands offer affiliate marketing opportunities that include discounts on products and free samples so that you can document your opinions and what it’s like using the products for your audience. This, in turn, will help you promote your affiliate link and earn money—creating a beautiful cycle of enjoying all the fine things in life and getting a little extra cash in your pocket.

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House Sitter

If you love to travel and experience what it’s like to live as a local when you reach your destination, house-sitting offers you an incredible opportunity. You can settle in a local’s home for the duration of your stay and see what it’s like to live everyday life there, all while getting paid. The only catch? Taking care of the home and sometimes caring for pets—which, compared to the benefits, doesn’t seem like much of a catch at all.

Websites like Nomador and Trusted House Sitters offer you the opportunity to connect with homeowners nationally and internationally so that you can plan a trip somewhere new while also earning a little cash along the way.

finer things

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Out the Finer Things in Life

These different job and side hustle ideas can pair your passion for your favorite things in life with the ability to fund them and even earn you extra cash. They present opportunities that make seeking out the finer things in life more than just wishful thinking or a daydream; they allow you to make your dream life a reality. So, go ahead and chase the finer things in life!


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