Usually at night, most of us don’t moisturize our face and skin before going to bed. I used to do that because I thought it was waste of body cream. I mean why use night cream when you are going to bed? So if you are like that, I’m going to give you some amazing benefits of using night cream.

1. Night cream moisturizes your face and skin thereby keeping your body hydrated and nourished.
2. It soothes your face and makes your skin soft.
3. Most night creams contain anti-aging properties that restores the elasticity of your skin thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
4. It evens your skin tone.
5. During the day, our skin is exposed to sunlight and pollutants. Night cream repairs the damages done by these pollutants.

When choosing a night cream, it is important to choose one that contains ingredients that nourishes and repairs damaged skin. These ingredients include Vitamin E, Vitamin A, shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, honey, jojoba oil, collagen, anti aging components and much more.

However, you can choose to use your daytime cream during the night especially if it contains any of the ingredients that nourishes the skin and repairs damages. The major difference between night creams and day creams is that most day creams contain spf for sun protection. But you dont need to protect the skin from the sun at night that is why it is advisable to get a night cream.

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