Beauty products don’t come cheap but there is still a way to look beautiful and save.  You don’t need to buy only expensive(high brand)  makeup products. There are some products you can go cheap on and it wouldn’t change a thing.
1. Lipsticks 
So many different shades to try.  You don’t really have to spend GHC 60 on just one lipstick when you can get one lipstick for GHC 5. 
2. Lipliners/ Eyeliners/Brow pencil
There are so many pencils for less in the market,  you dont have to spend GHC 30 on a pencil,  I mean come on there are pencils for GHC 1. GHC 2 or even GHC 5.  You are going to be sharpening it and it will be used up in a few weeks. Do you really wanna spend GHC 30 on pencils every few weeks?
Plus you can use your eyeshadow as an eyeliner and an eyebrow filler,  you just need the right brush. 
3. Face masks
Face masks and scrubs are the best ways to get a flawless face but you dont have to spend so much on a face mask. You just have to find one that is suitable for your skin type and has the ingredients you need.
You can also save on face masks by preparing homemade face masks.  Trust me,  they are much more effective. You can click on this link to see some homemade face masks that are easy to make because you just have to use ingredients you already have at home.
4. Makeup remover
Since makeup removers costs too much, why not try using baby oil,  or virgin olive oil to remove your makeup. You can also use vaseline to remove lips and eye makeup? Check out this post for various ways to remove makeup. (How to remove makeup)
5. Face wipes 
Save on buying the high end face wipes and get the cheaper ones. They also get the work done.  You can also try using baby wipes.

6. Mascara
There are a lot of drugstore brands of mascara that works really great. Save some money by getting one of those. 
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